Ice Slippers
slip prevention overshoes
Patent Pending
Thousands of preventable injuries and many deaths each winter...

Millions of dollars in medical and rehabilitation costs....

Untold pain and suffering....

All preventable with the Ice Slipper slip-prevention overshoe!

The Ice Slipper story:
An elderly gentleman slipped on ice while taking a Christmas cookie tray to his neighbor. He lay outside for about 15 minutes before he was found, suffering from broken ribs and a concussion. Because of his fall, he developed pneumonia and nearly died. It took him several weeks to recover.

Walking from the parking area to the hospital to visit this gentleman was very treacherous in the icy conditions. The nurses caring for him said there were dozens of people admitted to the hospital with injuries from slipping on the ice.

I then remembered how a local man slipped on the ice during a special promotion after a hockey game and died as a result of hitting his head. I also recalled that Dr. Atkins, the famous dietician, died as a result of slipping and falling on ice.

My father-in-law slipped during this same storm, but was not hurt. My wife asked about getting him ice-creepers that I use while ice fishing.

While they would certainly work, they are difficult to take on and off, cannot be worn indoors (for taking on and off) without seriously damaging flooring, and certainly cannot be worn while driving.

However ideas are conceived, I thought of an overshoe with an abrasive bonded to the sole, much like sandpaper. I bought a pair of Tingley Stretch Overshoes, applied a thin coat of Shoe Goo (from my fly fishing equipment), then impressed different media on the bottom. Simple beach sand provided the best traction, as evidenced in the video below.

Built to last for at least two seasons, retailing for $25 to $30, I believe Ice Slippers have incredible market potential. I am looking to partner with a company that has the capability and desire to refine the product and take it to market!

Unique Advantages:
  • Elastic overshoe spans several shoe sizes
  • Easy to put on or remove, especially for seniors or overweight persons
  • Safe to wear while driving - nothing to catch on upholstery or brake pedals
  • Can be worn while entering or exiting a house or building without damage to flooring
  • Easily stored or carried for contingency
  • Inexpensive
  • Comfortable to walk in
Market Potential:
  • Geographic target is the northern tier of the U.S. and Canada
  • Major markets include Boston, Philadelphia, New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto
  • Primary demographic target would be senior citizens and outdoor workers
  • Networking potential is unlimited (AARP, health care & safety organizations, insurance companies, etc.)
  • Makes a great gift for aging parents
  • Certainly a wise investment for anyone living in 4-season climates

Video Demonstration of the Ice Slipper in real conditions!


Seeking a Partner/Licensee:
  • R & D to refine both the function and aesthetics of the product
    (testing surface available year round at ice skating/hockey rinks)
  • Efficiently manufacture Ice Slippers
  • Create packaging and point-of-purchase materials
  • Distribute to existing retail outlets and catalogs
  • Create direct response advertising and fulfillment operations
  • Sell Ice Slippers on the Internet

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